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Hi Guys,

over the last few hours we have encountered some problems with the hyperlinks to external sites on here, this is due to the .TK domain we are using and we are working on a fix. For the time being, when clicking a link to an external site please hold “CTRL” on a Windows machine or “CMD” on a Macintosh before clicking.

– Shay


Newsletter #1

Hey guys! Recently, Shay and I have been hard at work producing posters, leaflets and application forms for Jellybean Media. We have already gathered attention at our school, with support from our Eco-Group as well as several new members, such as Ross, who will be helping us with podcast editing! His YouTube channel can be found here.

We have also started a Twitter account (@Jellybean_Media) as well as selling t-shirts. If you are interested in joining Jellybean Media, go to the Jobs tab and ask for an application! Leave a comment or email us at jellybeanmedia2013@gmail.com.

Thanks and remember to subscribe to us and become a Jellybaby today!


Welcome To Jellybean!

Welcome to Jellybean Media.


Here at Jellybean Media, we like to do things differently. Instead of having one focus, we have a wide variety of focus’, such as:

  • Short Films
  • Graphic Design
  • Reviews
  • Unboxings
  • Vlogs
  • Tutorials

Jellybean Media originated from SpotTheFox and CabbageCast, two equally successful projects run by Founder, Shay, and Co-Founder, Tom. SpotTheFox was founded in

early 2010 and it’s aim was to become a successful production company which it succeeded to do until it’s main focus, Flic Flac, was cancelled. SpotTheFox then created The CabbageCast. The CabbageCast was a video game review/play-through/machinima production project which succeeded into the new SpotTheFox, we were making ammeturish reality videos, showcase videos and even a little bit of acting, like in our “Zombie Apocalypse” video. Unfortunately none of these videos are still online for the public to watch anymore, however if Jellybean Media successes, we will re-release them in a history of Jellybean Media video.

Here are some useful links:

http://Youtube.com/TheJellybeanMedia  –  Subscribe and become a JellyBaby today!


Founder’s links:





Co-Founder’s links: